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Soulful Tea Blends

Flow Tea - Menstrual Phase

Flow Tea - Menstrual Phase

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Flow tea is your periods BFF, formulated to support you during the menstrual phase of your cycle. This is a healing blend of 5 powerful plants and adaptogens that can help ease cramping, support liver function, aid digestion, and provide a rich source of iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

All of the ingredients in Flow are certified organic. 

The ingredients in this tea blend include raspberry leaf, chamomile, rosehips, dandelion, and vitex berries, which all have specific benefits to support the menstrual phase of your cycle. So, if you're looking for a natural way to support your body during your period, Flow organic herbal tea may be just what you need.

Formulated by a hormone Nutritionist, sipping these healing blends through your cycle can help balance estrogen, progesterone, support liver detoxification, nourish your body with essential minerals and vitamins and balance stress levels and it includes a variety of organic adaptogens and medicinal plants.

Made with love, in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦


Flow tea: raspberry leaf, chamomile, rosehips, dandelion, vitex berries *all organic and caffiene free


How to Enjoy

Sip this blend during your period (day 1 to when your bleed stops). To get the most benefits drink 1-3 cups daily during this phase. Add 1.5 tsp to 1 cup of hot water, & let steep for 6-8 minutes, best covered.

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