H2O 101 - Staying hydrated in this heat!

Welcome to the hydration station! 

We’ve covered our favourite tips and reasons to reach for that extra glass of water this summer. So let’s get into it. 

Our bodies are over 60% water - which means we need to replenish that daily, especially on these hot summer days. Water is vital for health & biochemical reactions - it removes waste, transports nutrients, maintains blood & circulation, regulates body temperature, aids digestion, helps with those good (poop emoji) & protects vital organs, tissues and joints. Whenever you are feeling that afternoon slump, your body is usually signalling to you for energy - not that second cup of coffee.

Not feeling that mid day energy crash? Lucky you - here’s some other warning signs that your body is craving some H2O: 

  • Yellow, dark urine & frequency of urination. Checking your urine colour is a great and effective way to monitor how thirsty your body really is. We want to aim for a light, pale yellow colour. If you’ve noticed you're not having the urge to pee as much, it's a sign your body is trying to hold onto its current water supply and means you need to get some water in asap. 
  • Feeling headachy? Reach for some H2O plus some electrolytes (pinch of salt will do) to get that water level up fast 
  • Post exercise? Or an unbearably hot day? Definitely up the anti and focus on your water consumption to avoid things like heat stroke, poor recovery and extra shakiness/cramping 
  • Dry mouth, lips & sandpaper tongue? It’s time to drink up! 

Our favourite tips for staying hydrated this summer - feel refreshed and ready to take on all that summer has to offer:  

#1. Wake up with water. Before you go to bed at night, bring a 500ml glass of water with you to your nightstand and reach for it first thing when you wake.  

#2. Lean on electrolytes. When the heat is strong and the sweat is flowing, it's extra important to replenish those lost electrolytes. A team favourite for convenient electrolyte packs are LMNT. For an at-home and more budget friendly option, we like Sole water - water infused with himalayan salt to extract those minerals and we promise it’s not too salty.  

#3. Broth it up. Broth is essentially souped-up electrolytes that are also amazing for gut health and digestion, which is a plus because the heat can throw this off. We’ve got tons of broths in the pantry from Ripe and our Organic Summer Minestrone and Bone Broth Chicken Noodle Soup. Bonus: all of the broths are made with filtered water too! 

#4. Add flavour with veggies & fruits. Here are some of our favourite recipes for infused water that are perfect for when company comes over or chilling by the pool with the kids.   

#5. We love a herbal infused tea & cold pressed juice moment. We’ve got some really supportive & nourishing teas for female hormones in our pantry by Soulful Tea Blends. Anyone of these teas can be cold steeped overnight and add adaptogens, minerals and liver supporting herbs to your daily water. As for cold fresh juices, we love anything from Toronto based Greenhouse Juice or Village Juicery.  

#6. Eat your water! Stock up on cucumbers, watermelon, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, celery, bell peppers, oranges & peaches. AIYANA menu items with these ingredients include the Turkey Zucchini Burger Bites, Middle Eastern Bowl, California Cobb, and Organic Chicken Fajita bowl.  

#7. 1 glass of water & 1 cocktail, please! It’s the summertime and for us folks in Canada, it’s the time to pack every social gathering we have for the year into 2 short months. Naturally, this means a lot more events, patio nights, and fun times with alcohol. We love a summer cocktail moment, but we do order a glass of water with it. Our favourite summer cocktail/mocktail mix from SLURP are made with low sugar ingredients, 0 preservatives and refreshing, antioxidant rich fruits. 

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