Gift Ideas for Your Wellness Crew

It goes without saying that the best gift to give is one filled with healthy + nutritious prepared meals. But if you’ve already done that and you’re in the market for something different, we’re highlighting some of our favourite health and wellness products on the market! These companies are helping us live a little more mindful, energetic and healthy and we are here for it. Plus, we love supporting other small, local Toronto businesses and we hope you do too.  

For the Wellness Guru - your friend who is always looking to improve themselves, try a new activity, and the one who embodies self care! 

Barmilk from Nutbar
A luxurious nut milk that is superior to anything found on grocery store shelves. Made with 100% organic ingredients, filtered water and frozen for convenience, this nutrient dense, 30% nut milk blend is going to be your new favourite thing. 

Activewear Set from Charlie Rae

Think of the softest material that also functions and comes in the most aesthetic colours.  Charlie Rae is it. Check them out for your friend who wants to feel amazing all day long. 

Workout Class from SAOR Studio

A workout class at SAOR is more than just a physical experience, it’s also mental and emotional, in the best way possible. Their motto: move the body, shift the mind and access the heart. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Immersive Sauna + Ice Bath Pass from Othership

Othership is a new addition to the Toronto wellness scene and it is transformational. They’ve got everything from saunas, to ice baths, a tea bar, breathwork, and aromatherapy to help you wind down or up, depending on your mood. 

Hormone Balancing Herbal Products from Soulful Tea Blends

These products formulated by one of Toronto’s leading functional nutrition experts are a modern day woman’s apothecary. The tea, oil, and tincture line has everything to help you with hormone balance, sleep, digestion and even focus! Shop the line in our pantry here. 

Cozy Sweater from Aiyana Nutrition

Admit it, you’ve had your eye on it since we launched it in October. Our cozy self care club sweater is the perfect companion to your next fitness class or your night in by the fire. Get your hands on the sweater here. 

For the Mama to Be - your friend who is awaiting the arrival of a new family member or has just welcomed them and is looking for a little support and a lot of sleep! 

Prenatal massage from Yoga Mamas

If you’re a new mom in Toronto, you want to visit Yoga Mamas - Toronto’s number one maternal wellness clinic for over a decade. This supportive community touches on wellness services, fitness, doula’s, workshops, and education. 

Baby Bouncer Bliss by Baby Bjorn

When you’re a mom, you’re always looking for another pair of hands - this is the next best thing. Easy to clean, natural rocking technology, and lightweight makes for the best baby product purchase. 

Shelf Stable Bone Broth from Ripe Nutrition

Amino acids in bone broth (specifically glycine, glutamine, and arginine) are in high demand when pregnant. The collagen found in bone broth hydrates your growing belly’s skin and maintains its elasticity, while also supporting your pelvic floor. We love it so much, we dedicated a whole blog post to this liquid gold - read more here.

Pregnancy Facial from Formula Fig

We trust Formula Fig with all things skin. Their specific pregnancy facial treatment uses a gentle lymphatic drainage massage and a fruit enzyme mask to refresh and restore pregnancy skin. The best part, it’s 30 minutes long (or short, depending on how you look at it) so your Mama friend can be in and out in no time! 

Electrolyte Support from LMNT

Taking care of a new baby, breastfeeding, undergoing birth and staying hydrated are made a lot easier with proper electrolytes and LMNT.  Their single serve packets are sugar free and filler free and help support your body at a cellular level. 

For the Vibrant Kid - your curious child who is the epitome of the energizer bunny and always onto the next activity. 

Rest Alarm Clock from Hatch

Make this holiday extra magical with a built-in sleep nurse that functions as an alarm clock, sound machine, bedtime story teller, and night light. The most genius gift for a child that is actually for the parents (shhh they don’t have to know). 

Propolis from Beekeeper’s Naturals

There’s no doubt that winter means sick season. Give the gift of immune support, made especially for kids. Propolis and a drizzle of pure buckwheat honey delivers an extra dose of antioxidants to protect your kid while going from activity to activity and has a taste they’ll love! Shop here

At-home Clay Kit from Sculpd

This is the perfect winter break at home activity that is sure to spark creativity and most importantly, keep them busy for hours. 

Mindful Affirmation cards by Intelligent Change

Teach your kids how to create their own inner strength with these affirmation cards that use positive psychology to boost mindfulness, self esteem, joy, and overcome doubts. Create a new morning ritual that will empower them to live up to their truest potential. 

Clothes, Accessories or Toys from Good Kid

We’re BIG fans of this stylish online shop of new and preloved clothes, toys, and accessories for the kid who wants to look good, while doing good for the planet. 

Little Kitchen Academy

Give the gift of giving yourself a new chef in the family - every moms dream! If you struggle with finding time to cook (everyone does, duh!), the chances that you’ll have time to teach your kids is pretty slim. Leave it to the pros at Little Kitchen Academy and watch what your kid will cook up! 



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