The Golden Truth About Bone Broth.

Woman hand holding clear mug of soup


At AIYANA Nutrition, we’re all about the broth—bone broth to be specific! Sipping broth is a great and convenient way to keep up your nutrient intake when you feel unable to consume much of anything (hello morning sickness, moms-to-be), in between meals on busy days, and as a day-to-day mineral booster. We also love them as add-ons for cooking!

We partnered with Ripe Nutrition, a superfood-based lifestyle brand from Toronto, whose claim to fame is their nutrient packed broths. AIYANA x Ripe Lifestyle broths source the highest quality organic and grass fed ingredients, like chicken, adaptogenic mushrooms, jujube fruit, spices, fermented miso and lotus root. On top of it all, these blends are all organic, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, preservative free, additive free, and small batch! 

Both the Pantry and our menu are stocked with broths that are full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids—the good stuff that increases energy levels, improves immune function and digestive health, and reduces inflammation.

Clear mug of bone broth on a dark counter surface

When we started AIYANA, our main focus was supporting pre- and post-natal women. Bone broth was one of the first things on the menu because of how jam-packed it is with health essentials for all stages of pregnancy. Amino acids (specifically glycine, glutamine, and arginine) are in high demand when pregnant. Think of amino acids as Lego blocks helping you build up protein for the cell growth of that tiny human growing inside of you, as well as for your own immune system, joint health, and sleep quality. The collagen found in bone hydrates your growing belly’s skin and maintains its elasticity, while also supporting your pelvic floor. 

And what about post pregnancy? Your nutrient needs post-baby are actually higher than while pregnant, and with how nutrient-dense bone broth is, it’s an easy one-handed item you can count on. Gelatin supports the healing of pelvic tissue and wounds from childbirth, and electrolytes and minerals provide fuel to make breast milk. 

While we’ve learned a lot about the perks of bone broth for pre- and post-partum women, the Queen of Bone Broth, Dr Kellyann, shares bone broth’s benefits for gut, skin, and joint health for just about everyone.  It’s an important part of ensuring nutrient needs are met during times of stress, preparing for kids, or our personal favourite, a form of self care and recovery.

So drink up and feel the power of liquid gold! 


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