Why Breakfast Matters

The world of health and nutrition can be inundated with conflicting advice. The reality of this post-pandemic world is that nutrition is so vital to our health–it really is a game changer. As a mom, dad, partner, daughter or son, you naturally want the best for your family, but you probably already have enough on your plate. Taking on the role of researcher in hopes of teaching and supporting your loved ones is a huge undertaking.  

This is where AIYANA comes in. We’re here to be your guide and alleviate the stress of feeling like you need to know and do it all, and doing your best starts with breakfast. Having breakfast in the morning shortly after you roll out of bed should be viewed as your new cup of mandatory caffeine. The body and mind need whole food fuel–they require healthy fats, adequate protein, and complex carbohydrates to function at a base level. Period. If you are trying to tackle the craziness of the day ahead and you are not taking time to eat breakfast, you are essentially throwing your mental health, energy, and metabolism out the window.  

If you pay attention to nutrition trends, you have most likely heard of intermittent fasting. Well, we are here to give you some crumbs about why intermittent fasting has misled women of reproductive age from being nourished and empowered in their bodies. Did you know that the majority of the research done on intermittent fasting was done predominantly on males and post-menopausal women? In fact, women in their reproductive stage showed signs of inflammatory markers, unwanted stress hormone production, weight gain, smaller ovaries, and reduced energy. Those are significant symptoms and especially upsetting if you are trying to build your family. In fact, waking up and not feeling hungry can be a sign of hormonal and blood sugar imbalances, compromised digestion, and even mental health struggles.

If you are still with us and you’re thinking about how you’re possibly going to add another thing to your list, have no fear, because AIYANA is here. We are constantly thinking of easy ways to help you and your family during the crazy busy mornings. Aside from choosing from one of our pre-made breakfast options, here are some tips that the AIYANA team uses to make sure we are feeding ourselves for success every day. 

Prep the night before.

This could look like making an extra portion of dinner for you to enjoy the next morning, or boiling a pot of eggs or oatmeal while you are preparing dinner. We love this tip because it’s killing 2 birds with 1 stone–two meals with only one part of the labour and cleaning. 

Throw the idea of typical breakfast food out the door.

This one has so much impact. Once you shed the idea that breakfast needs to be your classic eggs & bacon, pancakes, or oatmeal, you unlock so much potential on how to nourish yourself in the morning. Soups, stews, dinner leftovers and even nutrient-dense cookies make the perfect well-balanced breakfast that will kickstart your metabolism, leave you feeling full and provide adequate protein that you need first thing in the AM.  

When in doubt, source it out.

Sometimes you just need help and that is perfectly normal! That is why AIYANA exists. There is no shame in not wanting or knowing how to juggle everyone’s favourite breakfast. You can reframe this narrative into one that is actually the best form of self-care you have ever given yourself–what better way to support YOU than ordering prepared, nutrient-dense breakfasts each week? Think of it as an investment in not only your health but your productivity and most importantly, your sanity.  

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