The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Habits (made easy!)

Trying to keep up with the latest wellness trends can be overwhelming; one search on Dr. Google or a glance at Instagram can send you spiralling about your lifestyle choices.  

Building new lifestyle choices into your day to day can take time, but being healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore. We've created the ultimate guide to help you (and your family) easily lead a more healthy life!

1. First things first, brush those pearly whites.  

Close up of woman smiling about to brush her teeth

While you sleep, bacteria builds up in your mouth. Don’t worry, this is normal, but swallowing this bacteria could disrupt your balanced microbiome. Your gut microbiome is responsible for producing calming and happy feelings, so before you eat or drink anything, give your teeth a good brush to support your oral health, gut health, and your overall mood :)   


2. Water before Starbucks.

Glasses of water on a white table

While you’re catching those Z’s, your body is working hard to repair itself from yesterday’s craziness. When you wake up, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, first drink a full glass of filtered water (we recommend around 500ml) to rehydrate your body after a night of hard work. Our pro tip: keep a water bottle or glass of water at your bedside so all you have to do is sit up and get drinking!

3. Don’t skip breakfast.  

Yogurt parfait and matcha latte

Eating breakfast will set up your energy levels and metabolism for the day ahead. We know mornings are super hectic, especially with little ones running around, but prepping breakfast the night before while you’re already in the kitchen making dinner could set you up for a successful morning. Some hard boiled eggs, yogurt parfaits or our personal faves, the
Brain Building Frittata Bites and Oat Cakes, are easy options to remove AM stress.  

4. “Granola, Energy Bites, and Dips, oh my!”

Oat Carrot Date Muffin

Snacks! The (not so) secret key to a healthy lifestyle and a real lifesaver during an afternoon slump or pesky temper tantrum. No one likes being in a bad mood thanks to low blood sugar, so keep one-handed snacks close by.  Pack fresh cut veggies and hummus, a handful of granola, and some energy bites and you’ll happily dodge hangry o’clock.  

5. No screens with spoons.  

Not eating in front of the TV (or your phone) is tough, we know. With soccer practice, dance class, or our personal hell, house admin, evenings can feel chaotic. But this is a reminder that you can take 30 minutes to eat in peace at the dinner table. It’s a great way to connect, wind down, and appreciate your meal. Eating without distractions help you digest your food, absorb more of the nutrients, and feel more satiated so you know when you are full.  

6. Put one extra veggie on your plate.  

Lettuce wrap on a plate

Adding veggies to your meals wherever possible is an easy way to meet your daily fibre and vegetable serving for the day. Including lettuce or dark leafy greens to your meals contribute key vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body and overall lifestyle. And yes, potatoes are vegetables (they are high in antioxidants, vitamins B6 and folate).

7. Get moving! 

Close up of sneakers on the road

Twenty minutes of low impact activity everyday is a sustainable way to help you reach your health goals. If you’re at work, walk to the furthest bathroom or take the stairs. While running errands, try to find the farthest parking spot and walk from there. After dinner, gather the family or pooch and go for a walk around the block. Light walking will help decrease blood glucose spikes, regulate circadian rhythms (your body’s master clock that controls metabolism, hormone function, and digestion) and calm your nervous system so that you can have a restful sleep. Think of this tip as the ultimate sleeping pill. 

Everyday has its challenges, so be easy on yourself as you integrate new habits into your life. Healthy habits take time to build and there will always be an opportunity to give these tips a try tomorrow. Our mission is to provide you with healthy, prepared meals that make your life easier so you can lead a fulfilling life. Check out our menu here for meals, snacks, and breakfast items!

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