Set Yourself Up For a Productive Day: Busy Mom Edition

Mothers make the world go round. Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Bat Woman–you name it, we’ve been it. Seriously, how many times a day do you call your mom? Too many times to admit? Probably.

The Mom title is deeply rewarding and we wouldn’t want it any other way, but let’s face it–balancing work life, social life, and family life is exhausting. I’ve compiled trusted tips I've learned throughout my motherhood journey that I want to share with you. It’s time for us moms to start working smarter and not harder. 

Schedule Your Week Out

When Monday morning rolls around, eliminate added stressors by pre-planning your day or week so that all parties know the game plan and are ready to take action. Over-planning can come with its own struggles so make sure to schedule some flexible time. The element of surprise is inevitable, but we just hope it comes in the form of surprise date nights or time off and not in the form of who forgot the kids at school…again.   

Meal Prep

Not everyone loves to cook. Find the person in the family who is most comfortable in the kitchen and get them meal prepping! Meal prepping saves time, tears and money! Batch cooking meals or individual ingredients is a great way to ensure there are healthy, prepped meals for whoever and whenever throughout the week. If you are in a pinch on Monday, or no one is comfortable in the kitchen, order meal delivery or groceries online. Grocery/meal delivery just makes sense!  


Delegating tasks is the key to becoming an organized super mom. It can feel tough in the beginning because asking for help is never easy, but it is a game changer. This could look like splitting house chores with your partner, scheduling family bonding activities or organising weekly playdates. If you have older children, start teaching them home skills and incorporate age-appropriate chores into their routines. Accountability and responsibility have to be taught. Remember when you were a teen and were asked to take out the garbage or throw in a load of laundry? These types of tasks build real-life skills.   

Create a list of non-negotiables

What are the activities that bring you the most joy? Write 3-4 down wherever you plan out your weeks and block time in your calendar to make sure that you show up for yourself and pepper in some self care time throughout the week. This could look like 20 minutes of morning quiet time, daily movement, after dinner wine time or online shopping time. No matter how silly or small the activity may be, schedule it in order to make sure that you are taking care of yourself first.  

These simple tips have helped give back my work/life balance. I show up as a better mom everyday not because I am doing it all, but because I am doing what I am the best at. I have more energy and get more quality time with my family.  It’s a win-win in my books. I hope you find these helpful and remember that the AIYANA fam is always here to help. 

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