Meet our Pals in the Pantry

As a small (and growing) woman-led business, it’s important to us that we support like-minded entrepreneurs. When we started AIYANA, we built our foundation on the quality and freshness of our ingredients. Growing beyond prepared meals and snacks, our Pantry is an extension of this ethos. Having these curated add-ons felt like an important way to offer our AIYANA fam more than just a meal and a snack. We want you to experience a holistic health-conscious lifestyle! We are so proud of the products (and women behind them) in our Pantry and we thought it was time to formally introduce them! It first started with the Ripe broths and hot sauces (which we are obsessed with by the way).

Ripe Lifestyle is female-founded and has been leading the broth movement in Toronto long before it became trendy. We knew we had to partner with Ripe to bring you the best broths, sauerkraut, hot sauces and more.

When we came across Toronto-based Bryce Hudson Creations, we knew you would fall in love with their personalized pieces and partnered to create the AIYANA fam favourite “Mama” rose quartz bracelet. This bracelet is typically sent to new mamas along with some meals by their thoughtful friends and family who understand the importance and craziness of wearing the Mama title.

Crowbar’s climate-conscious, Canadian-made moisturizing bar is like nothing we have seen on the market. We knew we had to have it in the Pantry and help bring awareness to this female-founded brand that is helping reimagine traditionally toxin-filled moisturizers. It’s genius!

Next up we have Slurp drink mixes–because moms need to have fun too! These mixes are made without fillers or additives and therefore hangover-free (YAY)! The Lime Margarita and Rhubarb Cardamom mix was made exclusively for the AIYANA fam and can be enjoyed on their own or with some alcohol.

Amoda Teas are the perfect pairing for any of our healthy desserts. Their teas and latte blends help you keep your energy up and your sleep as deep as can be. Their thoughtful blends have adaptogens, helping modulate the immune and nervous systems to help support you during times of stress.

NOCO is another eco-friendly and filler-free company that aims to provide Torontonians with nutrient-dense comfort food. With NOCO’s Mushroom burgers, you can take a night off and be at peace knowing that your family is eating healthy food with a no-compromise philosophy.

Most recently we added Nomz to the AIYANA pantry! Nomz is known for its on-the-go packaged snacks and delicious nut butters. You can now add their delicious nut butters onto any of our healthy bites and bars to elevate your healthy dessert. We’ve also added their Superfood Mix to the pantry so you can create delicious smoothies for you and your kids!

When you buy local, more jobs will be created in your town, the community stays healthy, and people become more connected. Whether you are buying a product from the farmers’ market or choosing a local business, you are not only supporting the local economy but also supporting your neighbours. You help feed their families, pay their bills, and put a roof over their family’s heads. This is important to us at AIYANA and we hope you check out all of these amazing companies that work hard with intention to help keep our families healthy.

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