Cycle Syncing 101

How to sync your cycle so that it works for you and with the rest of the world. 

A few weeks ago we focused on the endocrine system to you understand that establishing healthy hormones extends far past the pelvic section of the body. Creating a balanced hormone ecosystem is in fact a whole-body energetic shift that involves mental health, nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, and physical health. We truly believe that the only diet (for lack of a better term) you should ever be on is one that supports the menstrual cycle.

Have you heard of the circadian rhythm? Over the last couple of years, circadian rhythm research and awareness have been brought to the forefront as a tool that’s useful for regulating both mental and physical health, sleep patterns and ultimately, energy in the body.  We like to think of the circadian rhythm as the grandfather clock. But what if we told you that women have another clock called the Infradian Rhythm. That’s right we have two clocks - and the infradian rhythm is equally as important because it governs the 28-day menstrual cycle. 

According to Alisa Vitti, women’s hormone expert and founder of Flo Living, the infradian rhythm informs the reproductive system, immune system, brain, metabolism, microbiome and our stress response. In combination with the circadian rhythm, the infradian rhythm informs our brain chemistry, metabolism, cortisol levels and sleep cycle over the course of 28 days. And, you guessed it, when one is out of sync, it can cause the other to unravel. 

Do you ever wonder why you have more energy some days, feel more hungry, sleep better or think more clearly? That is the power of your infradian rhythm my friend and we are here to help you navigate it, get in sync with your body and mind and finally understand why you may feel differently throughout the month.  

If you do the same routines, eat the same foods, workout the same way and think the same way every day, your infradian rhythm is going to get thrown off. Getting off this hamster wheel will have compounding effects for your heath, your family's health and your overall quality of life. Are you ready to start feeling the magic? 

Take a look at the Menstrual Cycle chart we have created just for the AIYANA fam to help you get back to feeling like the goddess that you are! 

If you want to read more about supporting your infradian rhythm, be sure to check out the Flo Living website for more information and support. If you want to get in sync with your cycle from a nutrition perspective, don’t forget that we have customized menstrual cycle bundles that will help you optimize your nutrition to support you during your infradian rhythm.  

Here’s to empowering women like you, helping you feel in sync with your body and mind and helping you thrive as a mom, partner, co-worker and friend! 

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