Breakfast With Kids This Summer?

I don’t know about you, but school for 10 months of the year has become a bit of a saving grace for me! But now that my kids are out of school, our morning routines definitely look a little different…

One thing that’s unwavering in our schedule no matter the time of year is breakfast. With 3 kids under 7 and running my business, everyone in our house is hungry (like all the time). Breakfast is such a game changer for me, and if my kids or I skip that morning meal, we all end up feeling tired, restless, and way more irritable.

We do our best to maintain a good balance of relaxation, fun, and continued learning over the summer, and making sure my kids get the right nutrients in the morning means they’ll have increased attention span, better problem-solving skills, and a greater ability to access their creativity throughout the day.

So what are our go-to breakfast items? Our kitchen sees a lot of eggs and peanut butter (did someone say protein?!) and we favour meals that are ready within seconds - literally! The Vitality Oatcakes were developed with ease as a top priority. The four-pack of Oatcakes are a yummy morning sweet treat that my five year old twins can share, and popping them in the toaster we never have to dirty a pan. I can also rest easy knowing this 1-minute-meal contains magnesium, zinc, iron, folate, vitamin B6 and thiamine. Plus, there are no artificial sugars or sweeteners, so there’s zero post-sugar crash!

My six year old has been into eggs lately, and when the Brain Building Frittata Bites are in our fridge, she’s usually the one to clear them out. She’s found almost every way to eat them too: in a sandwich, wrap, or simply on their own with a piece of toast. The bites are full of healthy carbs and are veggie-infused, making even one super filling.

And for me? Well, let’s be real—I go straight for something I can consume on the go! Our Fuel Good Smoothie and Granola Goodness have been my golden heroes. I combine our granola with plain yogurt and in season berries in a mason jar when I'm in a rush to get to my next meeting or have activity with the kids. 

A change in routine is never easy, but one thing I know I can rely on always staying the same is food. 

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